Your oral health is an important part to keep your overall well-being. Oral well-being always gives signs about how your overall health is working. If you weren’t aware of the connection between your oral health and overall health, then keep reading!

Doctors have always said that oral health is as essential as general health for all age groups. A healthy mouth is the opening to all the nutrition that we intake in our bodies for our physical body to function properly. Like it is said that the mouth serves as the “window” to the rest of the body, which keeps giving us cues for our general health. For instance, the first sign of HIV infection may be mouth lesions. Also pale and bleeding gums are recognized as the early signs for blood disorders. While in many tests the presence of compounds like nicotine, drugs, and alcohol can be easily detected by saliva.

It is mostly noticed that oral condition has an impact on the overall health and diseases. Like other body parts, the mouth also teems with bacteria and they can cause harm to the immune system. The mouth is the entry point to both the respiratory and digestive tract where bacteria such as these can cause disease.

As a natural defense, good oral health care includes daily brushing and flossing to keep the bacteria away. Without maintaining proper oral hygiene bacteria might lead to oral infections that will affect the overall health.

There are many conditions where oral health is linked to overall health. Some of them are:-


This is a kind of infection that is mainly caused due to bacteria or germs carried through your mouth and spread through the bloodstream. They mainly attack the inner lining of your heart chambers or valves.


Doctors have said that diabetes reduces the body’s resistance and also puts your gums at risk. It is observed that gum disease appears to be more frequent among patients of diabetes.


Patients suffering from HIV have oral problems like painful mucosal lesions


Osteoporosis: Also known as the bone-weakening disease is linked with periodontal bone loss and tooth loss. There can also be damage to the bones of the jaw.

When we talk about well-being both oral and overall health impact each other. To maintain your overall health, try stopping the bacteria at the window of the body. Dr. Siddharth Sachdeva, a renowned dentist with expertise in all kinds of dental services, advises you to maintain efficient oral hygiene and recommends regular dental checkups. Visit our website to know more about the treatments being offered at the clinic.

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