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Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Practice is a Dentistry Clinic in Vasant Vihar, Delhi. The clinic is visited by dental surgeon like Dr. Siddharth Sachdeva,Dr. S S Sachdeva and Dr. Rupender Goel. The timings of Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Practice are: Mon, Wed-Thu: 16:00-19:00 and Tue, Fri-Sat: 09:30-13:00. Some of the services provided by the Clinic are: Braces Adjustment,Dental Services,Implant Retained Dentures,Teeth Straightening and Laser Gum Surgery etc. Click on map to find directions to reach Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Practice.

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We offer different types of dental implants & procedure options for people with missing teeth.

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Experiencing consistent discomfort and pain in your face, jaw area, neck or shoulders which is characterized by trouble/pain in chewing, stuck up jaws or swelling on the side of your face could be described as orofacial pain and may indicate that you are suffering from a Temporomandibular Disorder.
Invisalign are a great alternative to traditional metal braces for both adults and teens. This treatment option works with retainer like aligners that help in shifting teeth onto their right place. The material used is either transparent or can be customized to match the natural color of your teeth, easily camouflaging them.
Braces can be the simplest form of orthodontic treatment to get your teeth straightened out aligned. This treatment not only enhances the look of your smile but boosts your self-esteem and confidence levels. Whether you opt for invisible ones or traditional metal variety, the end result is straightened teeth and a lovely smile!
Sometimes periodontal therapy is needed to remove harmful plaque and bacteria from your gums or to treat certain kind of gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. This kind of therapy helps rectifying any damage that may have been caused by: Regrowing gum tissue Preventing tooth loss Reducing gaps between teeth
The thought of getting on a dentist’s chair is not a pleasant one! Anxiety, stress and fear all attack you at once and you would rather endure the agony of a toothache rather than visit a dentist. The truth is that you are not alone in this stress! Lot of people associate a visit to the dentist as one of the most stressful experiences but we have a solution for this – Nitrous Oxide.
Trust Dr. Sachdeva to enhance your look and confidence by our smile makeovers. We can restore your chipped, cracked, discolored teeth and give you the smile that you desire! At our dental clinic we have specialists who have advanced skill set and experience to offer the best experience and treatment for your smile.
At Dr. Sachdeva dental clinic, we offer the latest techniques and amenities so that your child is comfortable during his/her first dental checkup visit. Normally we recommend that children from the age group of 1 -2 years should have their first dental checkup to ensure that their teeth and jaw development is normal.
Dental crowns and bridges are used for replacing missing teeth which can become the cause of tooth displacement if left unattended. Dental crowns are also known as caps which mimic the size, shape and color of the natural tooth. We recommend dental crowns for damaged teeth and cavities, protect the teeth post the root canal procedure and also to provide support to bridges
Root Canal therapy or endodontic therapy is needed for patients who have infection inside their tooth. Its aim is to remove the infection from the tooth and prevent any future instances.
In general dentistry, there are a variety of minor oral surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction, cleaning, root planing and treating infections. We offer all these treatments at our clinic under superior guidance and experience. Certain procedures like teeth cleaning are a part of maintaining effective oral hygiene and health. Regular dental appointments are essential for this.
A dental filling can help you to restore a damaged tooth back to heath with the help of a filling. When a dentist gives a tooth filling, he/she removes the decayed tooth material, cleans up and then fills the cavity. This way the filling prevents any bacterial infection and prevents further decay.
Root Canal therapy or endodontic therapy is needed for patients who have infection inside their tooth. Its aim is to remove the infection from the tooth and prevent any future instances.
If you are suffering from dental decay or have many damaged teeth as a result of a disease or trauma, we can help you get back your original smile! As the name suggests, full mouth reconstruction requires significant amount of planning and multiple sessions with us

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